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My Wifes Birthday Surprise

Today was My Wife's birthday, and I had to go out and pick Rose's present up this morning. Rose was awake chatting on the Internet all night when I left. While I was out getting her present she stayed home and was online all day. Rose was sitting down naked at the computer and surfing the web. She then went to a search engine and typed in k9 for dogs, as she had been talking about getting another pet. She thought she could do some research. She clicked on a couple of links until she came upon a subject from her passed.

On this site, there was a picture of a Great Dane fucking this woman doggie style. At first Rose was a little offended, but then she started to remember when she had her first doggie experience, she started getting aroused by the sight of the woman being fucked. Rose surfed through the rest of the site looking at all the different pictures and reading a couple of short stories. All this excitement made Rose put her hand down to her wet pussy, and Rose rubbed her clit slowly and let out a little moan of pleasure. She continued to play with herself and browse the site until she saw that the site was offering £1,000 pound for a video of human and k9sex. The site was giving this for good quality picture of a dog; fucking a woman. Rose just sighed realizing it was a great idea to have fun and earn some extra cash, but she had no dog.

Rose shut the computer down and got up to lie down and have a sleep. She noticed it was just after noon 12:30pm. Rose laid back and reached over to the bedside cupboard, were she opened the drawer and pulled out the big plastic dildo. She held the dildo in her hand and imagined it was a black Labrador's cock. She played with the imaginary dogs cock ramming it into her pussy hard and fast thinking of her younger days with her family pet. She placed the dildo deep into the pussy started to fall asleep.

While she had the dildo in her pussy, her fingerers were rubbing her clit. She did this until she came so hard that she fell asleep with the dildo still deep inside her. Time passed and the door downstairs opened. It was Paul her husband home with her birthday present. "I'm home honey," said Paul. There was no answer so Paul looked in all the rooms and then went upstairs. When Paul went into the bedroom, he was surprised to see Rose fast asleep with a dildo deep inside her pussy.

Paul walked over to Rose and knelt down beside her, and he gave her a kiss on her cheek and she awoke abruptly. She sat up and realized she still had the dildo in her pussy and Paul was staring at her.

"What were you doing?"

"I got a little frisky, so I played with myself until I fell asleep," said Rose.

"I got a birthday surprise for you dear" get dressed and come downstairs."

Paul went downstairs and out the front door. Rose got dressed and went down to the living room. Rose was sitting on the couch when Paul came back in.

"Close your eyes for your surprise," said Paul.

Rose closed her eyes while Paul came into the living room wit her birthday surprise.

"You can open them now," said Paul.

Rose opened her eyes with amazement. There in front of her was a black Lab.

"Oh, Paul how did you know I wanted a dog and where did you get him?" asked Rose.

"We've been talking about getting a pet of some time, and I thought he would be the one," said Paul,

"The boss asked me if I wanted to buy his dog because he's moving into a place where he can't have pets, so I bought him."

Paul got up and gave her a kiss and said,


"Thanks Hon, what's his name?" asked Rose.

"Max," said Paul.

Max then jumped onto the couch beside Rose and began to lick her face.

"That's a good boy," said Rose

As she petted Max belly,

"Hey Paul I was researching about different types of dogs this morning when I came upon this one particular site."

"What was it about?" asked Paul.

"You can see for yourself click on history it was the last site went to, and I stay here with Max and let him get used to me" said Rose.

Paul went upstairs to the computer and he booted it up and clicked on the address last visited. When the site finally loaded up, he saw a picture of a woman being fucked by a Great Dane. He couldn't believe his eyes; he was starting to get aroused by the picture too.

"What do you have in mind dear?" yelled Paul.

Paul came into the living room and saw Rose petting Max. As Rose continued to pet him, Max began to breathe a little heavy. Max started to sniff into the air and around Rose.

"I wonder what's he's sniffing at?" asked Paul.

"I read on that site that dogs love the smell of sex and that's what I think he smells," said Rose,

"I also think he thinks I'm bitch in heat, and wants me as his bitch."

"Oh really," said Paul,

"Do you want to be his bitch?"

All that Rose did was nod her head yes. Paul went up to Rose and gave her a kiss and went between her legs. He pulled off her bathrobe. He noticed Max was watching even more excited that he made his move to her pussy sniffing and licking her pussy. Paul started to finger Rose just enough to get her scent of her onto his fingers.

He placed his fingers over Max nose to get a whiff of Rose's scent. Max started to breath very deeply now that he had the smell. Max drove his snout deep into Rose's wet cunt. He licked Rose for nearly twenty minutes until Rose noticed the incredibly large erection Max had while he ate her out. Max kept licking at her pussy and asshole, so Rose reach for Max cock to stroke and wank his cock for him.

Paul just sat across from Rose and watched in amazement.

"I'm getting a lesson from our new friend," smiled Paul.

Paul pulls off his jeans and was sitting stroking his cock as the Rose and Max went at it. Rose continued to stroke Max massive cock and she noticed his knot was hanging out a little bit now. With a deep lick from Max's tongue and Rose stroking his cock, he started to shot pre cum all over Rose's stomach. Paul started to laugh, but he then started to shot cum all over himself.

Max gave out a little growl after he shot his last drop of pre cum, all over Rose's stomach. Max got off the couch and sat on the floor cleaning him off. After he was done, he sat up and just stared at Rose's pussy with his tongue sticking out.

"I think he wants the real thing," said Paul.

"I think so, Paul," said Rose,

"Why don't we go upstairs to do this?" said Paul.

After Paul said that, Max got up and started to bark and pant hard again. Paul took Rose by the hand and led her upstairs with Max following right behind them. As soon as they got upstairs, Rose sat on the bed and Paul started to fuck her for a little bit. While they fucked, Max started to whimper beside the bed.

"Max must want his piece of you now," said Paul.

Paul fucked Rose until he came all over her. They kissed a little bit and Paul got up.

"It's your turn now Max" said Paul.

Max jumped onto the bed and began to lick Rose's cunt again. After a couple minutes, Rose pulled his snout from her pussy and told him to move while she gets ready for him on her hands and knees.

"Come up here Max " said Rose as she tapped her bum.

Max must have understood what she meant because he mounted her right on command. His cock was right above Rose's dripping wet pussy.

"Come on Max, fuck me" said Rose.

As soon as she said that he got his cock at her pussy lips and entered Rose's pussy and fucked her hard and fast. His huge cock slipped right into her pussy like it was made for it. His paws were against her sides so she didn't have to worry about getting scratched too bad.

Rose didn't really have to do much except bend over and moan with pleasure. Max was really fucking the hell out of Rose her pussy. Paul remembered seeing on that site about the video deal so he went to find the video camera while his best friend fucked his wife. He finally found the video camera and started to take close ups of the dogs cock ramming his knot into her pussy. He was getting very aroused with every thing he witnesses. Max continued to ram his cock faster and faster into Rose's cunt. Rose started to moan loudly in pleasure and rubbing her clit with her lover's ever move, trying to fuck his knot inside her.

Max started to growl like he was getting ready to climax soon. Rose reached underneath of her to see is she could feel anything, whether his knot was inside her or outside. She felt his knot was just on the outside of her wide-open pussy just go in. After a couple of more hard thrusts, Max pushed his knot completely into Rose's pussy. Rose made a little noise as she climaxed herself, right after the knot went in deep.

Max started to fuck her harder and harder with his knot inside her. Max continued to fuck Rose until he let out a howl, he shot his doggy spunk deep inside Rose's pussy. She felt it splashing her vagina walls with every squirt. Max shook his hips a couple times until he collapsed on to her back. His knot was still deep inside her drenched cum filled pussy.

"What's wrong dear," said Paul.

"Nothing's really wrong except I have to wait until his knot shrinks so it can pull him out easily" said Rose.

Paul got up and gave Rose a kiss while they waited. He showed her the video he had just taken so far. She loved every single bit of those pictures on screen.

"So are you should we should sent this video in?" asked Paul.

"I'm not done yet," said Rose.

"They want good penetration shoot of anal sex, pussy sex and him Cumming in my mouth" said Rose

After twenty minutes, Max knot finally went back to normal and sled right out of her. Max just laid there in between Rose's legs starring at Rose's pussy again.

"Damn, I think he wants seconds," said Rose.

"Are you up for more Rose?" asked Paul.

"I think I could fuck you and him a couple more times, how about that," said Rose.

While Paul got up to walk around a little bit, Rose sat down on the bed and started to stroke Max for a while. Then Rose got up the courage to do something else. She got down and started to suck and lick this doggy cock in front of the video running on the tripod. After five minutes or so Max was spraying his cum all over Rose face. Rose just sat there petting Max until Paul came and lay down on to the bed again. They kissed a little bit and Rose sucked on Paul's cock for a while too.

"I don't want you to feel left out or unwanted," said Rose.

Paul just smiled and enjoyed the blowjob she was giving him. Paul then unloaded his cum into her wife's mouth and kissed her. Paul got up and went behind the video camera say action. Max jumped back onto the bed and sniffed at Rose's wet and dripping pussy. He took a couple of deep licks and went down to business. He mounted Rose again for a second round of fun. Rose all of a sudden got up and Max fell backwards with a big yelp.

"I want him to fuck me doggie style in my asshole" said Rose.

Rose knelt down on all fours and Max knew what to do. He remounted her and started thrusting his cock at her and Rose helped him deep inside her asshole with her already dog cum filled pussy running down her ass, the Max's cock slipped right inside. Rose really didn't care about not letting his knot go inside again. She enjoyed the pleasure of his cock and his knot pushing inside of her just too easily. It didn't take long for Max's knot to go in all the way. His paws started to dig into her back, but it made her orgasm even harder. After a couple of hard thrusts, Max shot his cum inside Rose's rectum, with a loud howl of doggy pleasure.

Rose collapsed onto her stomach after her orgasm with Max still attached to her. Max lay down on Rose's back until his knot went back to normal again. Paul went to Rose's side with big kiss for her. She was out of breath, but she still managed to smile and said "Thank you"

He hurried up to the computer and put the video on the hard drive and got some good stills, and sent it to the site.

"I just sent the video in," said Paul.

"Good, I can't wait to see if the video get shown online and my pictures all over the web" said Rose.

Then Max got up and jumped off the bed. He sat in front of the bed on the floor and started to whimper again.

"Do you need to go outside boy?" asked Rose to Max.

Max just whimpered a little bit more. Paul and Rose got up and went downstairs together.

They both got dressed and Paul picked up Max leash.

"After all that fun, let's go and take the dog for a walk in the park," said Paul.

"I agree," said Rose.

Paul put the leash on Max and handed the leash to Rose. They left their house and headed for the park at the bottom of the street, arm in arm with Rose leading Max. They walked around the park for a while and talked.

"Well how do you like your birthday present?" asked Paul.

"I love him," said Rose" "and am I going to get anything else"

"Just me," said Paul, with a smile on his face.

They returned home and let Max run in the house. Max went straight to the corner and fell fast asleep in a matter of minutes. Paul motioned Rose to come upstairs. They went to their room and stripped. They both lay in bed in each other's arms. Before Paul could ask Rose what she wanted to do, she fell asleep. Paul slowly stroked her hair and thought to himself.

"Poor baby, Max must of took every last drop of strength you had"

Paul continued to lie there talking to himself when he noticed she didn't wake up at all.

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